Thursday, August 23, 2012

Two down.....

Four to go.

1/3 of the way to the finish line.  So far so good.  Last two weeks I felt like my old chipper self.  Appetite came back, but red meat still is icky.  Doc was pleased with my counts.  PET scan was unremarkable.  That's good.  Don't even need to go back until next treatment in 3 weeks.  Need to track my blood pressure though, it was high again today, even though I didn't feel anxious or stressed. 

My hair is now officially history.  I combed it last Thursday and literally half of it came out.  I came downstairs, handed it to hubby and burst into tears.  Friday and Saturday more came out- a lot more.  I have very thick hair, or had.  Sunday the kids shaved it.  A did most of it.  She was surprised I didn't cry, she didn't know I already did.  I've been wearing my wig when I go out, not so much at home.  I wear it at work, but take it off on the drive home (about an hour) it gets a bit warm and my head sweats!!  I actually went out to talk to the Oberweis salesman and forgot to put my hair on!!  I didn't even realize it until I went in the house....that poor guy :)  I also think it's funny when the staff at school comment on my new haircut, they love it.  Only 3 people know so far at work.  When they ask about my summer I just say, "I've had better".  Not quite sure how to talk about it.  Don't know most of them very well.

It feels great to be back at school.  The kids helped put my room together on Monday.  Teachers meetings all week, students start tomorrow :)  Looking forward to seeing my AP chem kids.  I had them all for physics last year.  Excited for physics-4 full classes, lots of cool things planned.  Hope my energy holds up so i can get it all in.  My principal and dept head have been very supportive.  I love my job.  I've always been lucky to work for people I truly like, and to do things I truly enjoy.  I am blessed.

The kids all started on Tuesday.  I am now officially the mother of a high schooler.  YIKES.  She is having a blast, adjusting well, and generally loving it.  She is making a huge effort to stay organized and on top of things from the very beginning.  She knows if she wants to go to Notre Dame, her grades have to be excellent, not good or even very good.  She is very motivated, and has a goal in her sights.  Please keep your fingers crossed for a soccer scholarship-otherwise we have to pay, and that will not make for happy parents -_-    The brothers are in 5th grade, and have a tough teacher, but it's a tough transition year.  She will prepare them well for Jr. high, and they know what to expect, their big sister is showing them the ropes.  I love to listen to their conversations, always puts a smile on my face. 

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  1. Being a survivor in this world is a great thing. When you have gone through and come's one hell of a strong life you are carrying..and it becomes easier...from a survivor of a hit and miss fully accident!