Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good news :)

BRCA results are in.....negative for mutations!!  Yeah my daughter is a bit safer now.  Such a a relief.  Does not rule the bilateral mastectomy though.  Will have to wait and evaluate the "suspicious" area on the left identified in the MRI after chemo. 

Been feeling really good, much like my old self these past few days :)  Been eating a fair amount-baked potatoes are yummy and Subway Tuna have made it into the rotation.  Had a nice chat with J&T Sunday morning.  You'll recall that T had chemo last year, so he is a great resource for me.  He called to check on me, see how I was doing.  We can share war stories now :)  I have been very touched by all the calls/emails/FB messages from my friends these past few weeks. 

The bad news is my hair has begun to come out :(  The kids will probably shave it over the weekend.  I have a 2 day meeting tomorrow and Thursday at school.  So if they shave it over the weekend I can start next week with my wig.  So my students (who start next Friday) will only see my new look.  That will be a bit weird.  I'm kinda more worried about my eyebrows......I have seen some human hair stick on ones-or can draw them in-but don;t want them to look weird. I will also lose my eyelashes.  A thinks I should get false ones...but I've never used them and am afraid I might put them on crooked-yikes how scary will I look with bad eyebrows and crooked eyelashes :)  Will have to look into options.

I did finally tell my nieces and nephews on FB.  I thought they should know for their sakes, and their children as well.  Heard back from one niece and one nephew.  Gotta love my family huh?

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