Thursday, August 2, 2012

So it really begins

 One down, five to go. 

Had the power port put in yesterday.  Wheeled me in at 11:59, back in recovery and awake at 12:50.  No problem.  Never even took pain meds (but I did fill the script just in case).  It's all good.  Except the cleanser they use is orange and it didn't all come off when they cleaned it, so I look like I have a really bad spray tan on my neck/arms.  I can't shower til tomorrow. :)

Friend A stopped by last night to bring me a sweet gift and offer her support.  Friend P also came by to say she would drive me to chemo in the morning, and take A to her ortho appt for me, since hubby had a meeting he had to be at.  BFF also called to check on me. 

BFF also told me doc had to fight with the lab doing the BRCAmalysis.  They are on vacation this week but doc got a call and they said the forms didn't match, I put my sister was 49, he put 50 at diagnosis.  They couldn't run the test due to HIPAA.  BBF said doc was flipping, it's not like my age was wrong.  But he got it all straightened out.  So we wait some more.

So today went well.  Lisa the nurse removed the bandages and said it looked really good considering it was only put in yesterday, not much swelling.  Accessing the port wasn't any worse than a typical needle stick.  She drew the labs and I went to see the doctor.  He still seems a bit freaked that I don't have more questions, but it was all good.  The MUGA scan and CT were good.  Still no MRI report.  I expressed my concern at this.  He told me since they just started doing the breast MRIs at this hospital, the radiologist wants his results confirmed by another radiologist with more experience.  The question is who is going to pay for that, since I didn't request it, my insurance won't pay for it. 

The actual chemo was not bad, just long.  A 45 minute infusion of EMEND, anti-nausea medication, then 2 syringes of "red devil", followed by an hour of one medication and 40 minutes of a smaller bag. BORING.  I napped a bit and did a little planning for class.  Hubby came in to bring me lunch, made by my loving daughter.  The kids made red rice krispie treats and cut mine in a heart.  How sweet was that?  He left and came back with A.  She didn't really come for me.  She came to see Colin Egglesfield.  His parents live around the corner, and his dad was there for treatment.  I stopped over to say hi to his dad when I left, but he was napping.  Colin was very nice.  I told him I knew it was odd, but would he mind taking a picture with A?  He was happy to do it and they had a nice chat. 

Friend P also brought over dinner, so that was nice too.  She has been a godsend.  I don't know if I mentioned this before, but she also is a survivor, she had a lumpectomy and radiation last winter/spring.  I did call J&T when I got home to check in.  They are the closest thing I have to parents since mommy and daddy have been gone so long now.  T had cancer last winter, so he knows what I'm going through, and his input is greatly appreciated.  So now I'm kicking back watching the USA men's volleyball win a place in the quarterfinal, waiting to see Gabby win the all-around gold in gymnastics.  Hubby and A are at soccer, boys are at Friend P's house playing with the boys. 

While originally I wasn't going to take Neulasta, with school starting Dr. M thinks I should take it to keep the WBC counts up and prevent infection.  So I go tomorrow for that shot. 

I'm glad to get things underway, we are that much closer to getting this over with.  I am feeling good, but am aware the effects will come later, but for now I'll focus on the fact it was not as bad as I imagined, and now I know what to expect.  It's all good.

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